TPN Advisory Committee 2006 (voir la page d'origine qui n'est plus disponiblesur le site du TPN)

Key supporters of TPN, together with the political and business leadership of the network, meet once a year to assess progress in TPN activities and to suggest strategic priorities for the coming year.
Carl Bildt, Former Prime Minister of Sweden; Chairman, KREAB

Guenter Burghardt, Senior Counsel - EU Government Affairs and Global Trade, Mayer, Brown, Rowe and Maw LLP

Timos Christodoulou, Former MEP; Governor Bank of Greece, Hellenic Petroleum SA

Ana De Palacio, Former Foreign Minister of Spain and MEP; President, Palacio & Partners

Gijs De Vries, Counter Terrorism Co-ordinator, Council of the European Union

Wolfgang Ischinge, Ambassador to the United States, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

John Kerr, Former Secretary General for the EU Constitution

Erkki Liikanen, Governor of the Bank of Finland, Bank of Finland

William Wallace, Emeritus Professor, London School of Economics
Jim Dobbins, Special Adviser, Rand Corporation

Cal Dooley, President and CEO, Food Products Association

Bill Frenzel, Guest Scholar, Brookings Institute

Lee Hamilton, President, Woodrow Wilson Centre

Richard Hecklinger, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

Robert Hunter, Special Adviser, Rand Corporation

Frederick Kempe, Assistant Managing Editor, Wall Street Journal

Hugo Paemen, Senior Adviser, Brussels and Washington DC, Hogan and Hartson LLP

Simon Serfaty, Brzezinski Chair in Global Security and Geostrategy and Senior Advisor to the Europe Program, CSIS

Robert Zoellick, Former USTR and Deputy Secretary of State; Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs International